Many consumers want clothing from top designers, but finding items at prices they can afford can be a challenge. Often, brands like Adidas, Banana Republic, Christian Dior, Nantucket, Valentino and Burberry are out of their budgets, or they can only purchase one item at a time. Selling designer labels can be a challenge as well because people are often looking for specific designers or products.

Benefits of Buying and Selling with Online Designer Consignment Shops

For both sellers and buyers, online consignment shops offer a place to sell and buy designer clothes without the high costs or added hassle. With these consignment shops, consumers are able to get more designer items, and sellers have the chance to sell more clothing without the added costs and labor.

For consignees, using an online designer consignment shop can allow them to use an established company to sell their items. Many consignment shops take men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, so sellers can often take a wide range of items to a consignment shop. They usually don’t have to pay the online store anything until their items sell. Consignment shops take a percentage of the sale, but consignees don’t have to worry about storing or listing items until they are sold. The consignment shop takes care of all of that for them.

For consumers, consignment shops can be a great place to find different types of designer resale items in the same place. These online stores often have different brands and sizes available, at affordable prices. Although the items are used, they are often in good condition. Before agreeing to sell items, consignment shop employees often go through the items to make sure that they are up to a certain standard. When consumers go to consignment shops, they can often purchase items for a small fraction of the price that they would at a conventional store. For example, they could potentially purchase a shirt for $35 to $40 that originally cost over $100 or more.

For both buyers and sellers, online consignment stores such as True Fashionistas are an environmentally-friendly way to sell and purchase design clothes. Clothing that might have been thrown away finds a new home with someone who will wear it, instead of going into the trash and adding to the world’s waste. Items that are resold using the consignment process can become a regular part of someone’s wardrobe, and a seller can make some money from pieces of clothing that would have otherwise been discarded.


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